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Double Thumb Imitation Technique, Three and Four-Finger Slapping, Percussive Thumb, Fretless Bass Slapping, Chapman Stick Imitation Technique, Solo-style Slap Playing
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Why these books?

With so many slap bass books on the market why would someone write another book on this topic one may ask? Because this is not yet another book on slap bass. Over the years I have seen most slap bass books and transcribed many slap pieces ranging from classic slappers like Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Stanley Clarke to later players such as Mark King, Stuart Hamm, Marcus Miller and Les Claypool. Also more recent players like Victor Wooten and Michael Manring (just to name a few) have inspired me. I consider my style to be an amalgamation of all these great players. I picked what I liked and and added my own techniques to it just like most players mentioned did before me.