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Juvenile Fish – Barend Tromp


Juvenile Fish Tales is the new album by the adventurous Dutch bass, guitar and sitar player Barend Tromp. It’s an instrumental concept album. Each of the eleven songs represents a different fish. As a child he got a book for his birthday about the underwater world that made a great impression on him. This is what inspired him to make this album. It is hard to pigeonhole the music of this album. Elements of fusion, funk, world music, 70s prog and electronic music are combined in an original musical style.

Barend plays almost all instruments besides the drums himself on this album. Besides bass and guitar these also include more exotic instruments like sitar and fretless guitar. Barend’s bass hero and famous American bass player Michael Manring plays fretless bass on the song Golden Mahseer. Besides this there are four guest drummers and a flute player playing on this album. This makes it even more versatile than his 2021 album Six Against Four.